About Us

Our History


EVERAIRE and its subsidiaries were founded in 2005 by a team of industrial engineers in Malaysia. The company is principally engaged in the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of high quality, highly efficient and reliable, well designed and competitively priced industrial, process and commercial water chillers and related HVAC&R products.

With distinctive high quality and product, coupled with an experienced working team composed of various professionals, EVERAIRE has successfully established a strong brand presence in the market and supplied countless products to satisfied customers throughout the years.

EVERAIRE offers a comprehensive range of air and water-cooled chillers, all designed and manufactured to meet our customers’ requirements. Our chillers are manufactured using high quality materials and parts. The production process is carried out by qualified personnel under strict procedural standards and supervision of experienced managers. All of our chillers undergo intensive performance testing with strict tolerances to achieve the most critical performance rating in operation. All the commitments made here have earned us the reputation of offering and delivering affordable, high quality and reliable products.

EVERAIRE is not only an equipment provider, but also a one-stop solution provider for its customers: sales, supply, installation, repair, parts, service and maintenance of chillers, air conditioners, refrigeration, mechanical and electrical products and systems and building services. We are always committed to excellence in quality and customer service.

Management Commitment

The top management of EVERAIRE and its affiliates are dedicated to developing and improving the quality management system to continually improve its effectiveness.

  • Emphasizing the importance of meeting customer, legal and regulatory requirements
  • Establish the quality policy
  • Ensuring that quality objectives are established and reviewed on a regular basis
  • Conducting the management reviews
  • Ensure availability of resources

The management systems of EVERAIRE and its associated companies are audited by professional associations and are certified according to the standard ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality Management System for compliance with the said standard.

At EVERAIRE, we are proud of our value and mission. “Built on Trust and Excellent Service”. Therefore, we are pleased to become one of the preferred HVAC company by providing our customers with integrity, excellent service and high quality products at fair and competitive prices.

Nature Of Business

  • Manufacture, sale and distribution of EVERAIRE Screw Chillers, Modular Chillers, Packaged Type Units, Air Handling Units, Offshore Marine Units, etc.
  • Installation, retrofit, replacement, overhaul, service and maintenance of HVAC& R products and systems.
  • Trade in related products such as refrigerant compressors, brazed plate heat exchangers, shell and tube coolers and condensers, chilled water and DX condensing coils, air filters, air dryers and air compressors.
  • Installation and contract for central or district cooling systems, energy management and monitoring systems
  • Sales of TICA, HITACHI, MIDEA, KUEN LING water chillers and imported absorption chillers.


To be the leading preferred provider of HVAC&R products and technical service to the industrial, factory and commercial sectors, always providing value-added solutions to the HVAC&R market and industry.


We are committed to delivering value to our customers by providing the highest quality and most reliable equipment for their processing needs. Through continuous improvement, we will provide our customers with superior service and products, and our employees with an excellent place to work.